Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photoshop Skills

For years, I have been using Photoshop …


My skill level with PS hasn't changed much. I have stuck to the rudimentary things I knew and somehow never took enough efforts to learn more (this is in spite of the fact that I did find some material – pdf files and videos – for learning the advanced tricks of PS).

One of the things I would like to put on my 2012 new year resolution things is learning a bit more of Photoshop.

Want to do this so that we can take Arbit to the next level – in terms of its visual appeal etc.

Want to do this for fun too … if I knew more of PS, I am sure I will find opportunities to use that skill somewhere; and I am talking of personal usage here. (And No ... I am not hinting at reducing my size/weight/girth/tummy in my photos)

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