Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reading Series Count ‘Correction’

I have been putting series completion score along with all the Reading record posts last year, which include my completion count of the Feluda, Sherlock Holmes and 3 Investigators series.
I have completed the Feluda series so I would be removing it from this score-card AND I forgot that Canon Doyle wrote 56 short stories and FOUR novellas (short novels) in the Sherlock Holmes series (I have been counting 56 only).
I have also discovered MORE Three Investigators stories (almost as many as I had, making the total 3I to jump from 35 to 64) … so that score card needs modification. Also, I am adding Famous Five to this block which I plan to read in 2012.

The last entry I made was 
Series Completion Score (as of 31st Dec 2011):  
Feluda                         35 out of 35 – FINISH*
Three Investigators     25 out of 35
Sherlock Holmes         43 out of 56
Total                           103 out of 126

Now, I am re-setting the counters to ….
Series Completion Score: (as of 1st Jan 2012)
Three Investigators     25 out of 63
Sherlock Holmes         43 out of 60
Famous Five                00 out of 21
Total                           68 out of 144

Trivia - In 2012, I have to read 12 stories in each of the 12 months to complete the target J (144 = 12 X 12)

Correction to Trivia: I don’t have to read 12 in each of the 12 months since out of 144 stories, 68 are already done and only 76 are remaining so that actually makes it about 6-7 stories every month. Pretty much doable !!

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