Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I am feeling Lucky !! I was on TV !!

I am feeling Lucky !!

Naah … Not the google way ! It's the twitter way !!

My friend Afreen introduced me to twitter a few months ... something I wasn't really interested in

Well, over the past few months, I have become what can be called an "early-stage twitter addict":D

The last one week has been particularly "rewarding" since twitter helped me get on TV as well as win a merchandised Mug :D and hence the title 'I am feeling Lucky' …

I was on TV .. well not really … but I was !!

Barkha Dutt from NDTV 24X7 hosts the show 'We the People' which is a sort of an open discussion on latest hot issues which directly impact the common man, the 'aam junta'. She takes inputs from the readers/viewers through various channels, one of which is twitter. On one of the recent episodes where the discussion topic was the Paranoia and over-reaction by Maharashtra Govt / India on Swine Flu, I sent her my comments / tweets and forgot all about it.

In the evening, I luckily managed to reach home early (which is pretty rare these days) and caught the episode on TV. I was absolutely pleasantly surprised to see one of my tweets on the screen along with my Twitter handle 'shoOOonya':D – Well, it felt like being on TV myself :D

This went on TV –"Shutting down schools & Malls has been a definite over-reaction. Does little to contain the flu. What when the schools reopen?"

The other tweets I sent were:

· 1000 people get Swine Flu & the whole world wants to wear surgical masks, 20 million have AIDS & nobody wants to wear a Condom!

· masks also to be worn by ppl in close proximity to infected people. Visitors to hospitals and medical staff.

· Also, Masks should be worn by ALL as a protection from the Air Pollution we have in all our major cities, rather than against S'flu

· Another important aspect of the S'flu over-reaction is role of Media? Print as well as TV News channels? How much? What frequency?

Well, it was not my first appearance on TV though. I made my first during my NITIE days. It was Star News which had a report on the state of B-School placements and a couple of us had gone from NITIE to IIT Bombay where the students from NITIE and SJMSOM – the IIT B-School had gathered and were interviewed by the Star News correspondent. It was an hours wait before we got on camera and my family told me that could catch glimpses of Me standing behind the person who got a chance to speak :D ha ha ha

Now to the Mug !! Channel V is undergoing a change, a makeover these days and to promote / market this 'event', they are running a contest at

They change the image and people got to report what changed. Participation qualifier includes having a twitter account. I sent my entries a couple of times and today I was declared a winner (one of 10) for yesterdays change. Being an Org. Change management consultant, it might have seemed ironic if I had not won any .. hehe

You can find me here … ... Again its not my real name bu the twitter handle 'shoOOonya' that appears here :D

Not that these two are extremely exciting for me .. its just that these two small incidents brought some smile and sun shine in my otherwise boring existence these days :D

Thanks Barkha Dutt from NDTV and the guys from Channel V for these two small packages of pleasant surprises and smiles !!


  1. Its always nice to know that your thoughts have been heard by many. congrats

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    Thanks for the visit !