Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bloozle : The Startup that never was …

Bloozle : The Startup that never was …

This is the story of a startup that never was. It's a story of the entrepreneurs tryst with destiny, passion, product development, product success/failure, sleepless nights and unfulfilled dreams …

This is the story about my Journey with Nikhil (although we are just supporting actors in the star cast dominated by 'bloozle' and market realities) … the Journey which began way back in 2004 and gradually got the name and shape of 'bloozle' … the journey which is now in a paused frozen phase waiting for the stimuli of funding from some VC who can share the vision which we have … the journey of 5 years of thinking, brainstorming, evaluating, refining, dreaming, arguing, designing, changing, letting go …
This story is to remind us of the thought, effort, money and passion invested in bloozle in the past 5 years ... to remind us of this bright ray of hope it generated which would give us enough 'escape-velocity' to project us out of the corporate job's (and its high salary's) gravitational pull.

This story is to put on record (for ourselves more than anybody else) the mistakes we made and the opportunities we missed. This story is to remind us again and again that we are destined to be entrepreneurs and the day jobs we are holding (with utmost sincerety and equal passion) are but a temporary phase of life; which unfortunately seems to be going to last for yet another couple of years or more unless we are rescued by a VC or another brilliant b-plan J

And before I guide you to the story … 2 important things :D

1. The story is told in several parts. Each part looking at a different perspective, different mistakes, different factors …

2. I am NOT the author here. Nikhil is the one who can collect his thoughts well, organize and paraphrase them in a form which makes sense and even have the courage to think about publishing them (remember: we are not talking about success here after all). So the story is authored by Nikhil and the posts are on his blog. I am providing you the links to the story here.

Part I - The Story

Part II - The Concept

Part III - Product Vision Mistakes

Part V - Environmental Factors

Part VI - Conclusion

And yes ... if you are interested in having a looksie at what bloozle looked like .. here is a (almost) working prototype of the bloozle website -
So that my dear … is the story ... the story of Bloozle .. and us !

We would love to hear your comments on this story … bouquets and brickbats … words of advice as well as 'wake up you fools' notes :D

And yes … if by any chance, you are a VC reading this and are interested in having a look at our B-Plan, just let us know in comments or by email – ,

We wait … with hope ... (and a lot of ideas buzzing in our heads :)

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