Sunday, August 16, 2009

Escapism !

The online world is my refuge ... My escape from the real world ...
The real world where i feel lonely ... the loneliness .. which i hate .. which i fear ...
the online world helps me escape all that ...
the blog, the random web surfing ... the emails (including so many forwards and subscriptions) ... twitter ... all of it ..
they are my sanctuary of peace ... of escape ... an attempt to forget ther reality !
but every now and then .. i am pulled back into reality ... !!


  1. I know what you are talking abt.

  2. I would like to tell you that a blog is a good way to connect to the world... and share ur thoughts. I am a lonely person myself too. One thing, I'd like to again suggest is that do not go overboard with social networking sites like facebook, orkut and twitter. I'm saying this since you are yourself confessing that you are an addict...early stage!

    Anyway, I'm just an unknown girl for you...with some pearls of wisdom ... which I think you won't regret taking !!

  3. Thanks Anonymous for the wisdom nugget :)

    Would like to connect to you over email or chat though :) catch me at