Sunday, August 02, 2009

Blissful Experience

I recently discovered a site where people can volunteer themselves for different activities. You can have a look at the kind of activities here.

I nominated myself for 2 activities. One happened this Saturday and it was blissful. I volunteered to spend time with 'children with special needs' at the Beach. I got some help from another volunteer Shrimal to reach the venue in time. More than 20 volunteers turned up to play and oversee the 14 children who came with their caretakers from the institute.

The site is indeed a very good initiative (by Lola Lopez), providing people a chance to take time out from their lives and contribute to doing some good. It also encourages other people to organize such events which would not have been possible without the volunteers. Kudos to Lola for starting the initiative / website (the site itself is just a few months old).

Personally, it was a very blissful experience for me. It felt good deep inside. Thanks to Lola as well as Shrimal for making this possible J I am gonna be a regular now for these events. Rather than watching the stupid idiot box, now I have something 'good' to do over the weekends. And yes, it also gives me opportunity to meet new people and make some friends out here in Dubai; something that I haven't done in past one year in Dubai.

P.S. It also gave me a chance to soak myself up in sea water once again this year. Last I was in sea, was during my Alibaug Trip with Nikhil, Shubham and Arijeet in June. (Ooops … I haven't yet blogged about that one .. me too lazy :) I haven't even uploaded the Alibaug pics to my online Picasa web album. One task pending on my to-do list for quite some time L

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  1. Hey yo , Shrimal here!!!..din know u had a blog n stuff!!!!