Saturday, January 10, 2009

Satyam ... so much at stake ... and so much more


53,000 employees and their families,

300,000 shareholders and

650 customers across the globe ...

so much at stake !!!


While the media is crucifying Ramalinga Raju and calling him the 'villain' ...

I am wondering about the immense weight on his conscience ... even he is aware of the above stats ...
and it is this exact awareness that must have given him sleepless nights and terrible days ...

I would not be able to sleep with the knowledge that somoen is in pain bcoz of my actions ...
Today, Raju has to bear the burden of the knowledge of the fact that millions have been impacted by his actions .. .

There is no doubt about his leadership .. he has led Satyam from inception to what it is today ... an IT giant.

Yes .. he messed up somewhere ... BUT should that make all that good things dissappear that he has been doing past 20 years ...

I dont think so ...

Diclaimer: These are my personal views and thoughts. These have got nothing to do with the fact that I am myself employed with Satyam.

And while I am at it, let me clarify that media has been reporting today that satyam associates have received communication from management that there will be no salary for two months. Well, I am an employee and i can say that no such communication was ever made. Infact, we have an assurance from our leaders that the salaries will come and all the employees will be taken care of. The Top 40-50 Leaders of Satyam have pledged their support and committed not to leave Satyam in the time of crisis.


An interesting fallout of this whole recent fiasco has been the record number of friends and relatives who have contacted me via email/chat/sms/messenger/phone in last 48 hours asking me if i was fine and if I needed any help in case i was going to lose my job or not getting paid :) ... A lot of relatives called up my dad to ask if I was fine :) I had a tough but very interesting time explaining and assuring everyone that I was fine and my job was safe right now ....  The only pinch was that i spent a bomb on communication .. responding to all from Dubai ... and not all have emails .. many had to be responded through a voice call !! But, it was good, connecting to soo many people ... friends and relatives who cared !!

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