Monday, January 26, 2009

More conversations of this kind are required !!

A snippet grabbed from a yahoo-group discussion ...
I recall some years ago I was going to drop our son for his 10th boards. He was tense, jawline clenched. I thought he is preparing to go into a battlefield.
I asked him what he wanted to do in 11th. He stated he wanted science so that he could choose between being a software engineer and a merchant naval officer.
I asked about the cut off marks, to which he replied that he needed 65% to get science. I then asked him if he could secure 66% (1% as cushion).
He replied in the affirmative. I then told him to go ahead and get it. He secured well beyond that.
The amazing thing was that I could see the tension just disappear and his body language also became totally relaxed.
He was under the misnomer that we (his parents) wanted him to secure over 90%. We just clarified things to him and it made all the difference !!
Today parents to not have time for the kids. In the time that they do spend together a lot of restrictions are imposed. There is no real communication. Thus giving tension to each other.
Hope more such conversations happen across ....
They are REALLY required ...

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  1. WELL ... it would have been so good if 66% WAS indeed sufficient ...

    Unfortunately in this country of more than a billion - 66% ensures you nothing - not even a peons job.