Friday, February 24, 2017

Book Review: The Magician’s Workshop (Vol One) by Christopher Hansen & J.R. Fehr

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The book blurb sounded pretty interesting so I decided to pick this up for review. I expected a fresh new magical world inside the book … and I was not disappointed. The authors have created a very different world and it was quite enjoyable to explore this new world along with the authors.

There is attention to detail and a sincere effort to create a parallel world with things that are different from our world. A strange world where reality has been replaced by ‘projections’.

The story revolves around a bunch of young kids who are all looking forward to the ‘color ceremony’ which is something sort of a ‘big thing’ for them and for all around. It will decide the future course of their lives kind of important event.

All that was fine. Lovely world created, a nice bunch of characters introduced who will no doubt make the story very very interesting. But … there is something that I did not like.

The Book 1 serves as a ‘chapter’ in which all the key characters are introduced. The whole book talks about the Color Ceremony but that does not even begin to happen in Vol. 1

I personally feel that even when you are writing a multi-part book series, each independent book should have a story of its own. AND the entire series should have a common theme and common enemy may be. These things bind a series together and individual books provide a sense of closure to readers while at the same time creating links and possibilities for the subsequent books.

Part 1 of the Magician’s Workshop fails on this front. It does not outline clearly the over-arching core plot of the epic story that it is building. There is no villain to be defeated or a battle to be won (except the internal ones).

I wish the authors had moved the story at a better pace so that they could have brought Book 2 also into Book 1 and also added something that the kids will fight for / against. While the foundation is being built with the setting up of the world and its characters; I am lost as to where is the story heading.


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