Monday, February 27, 2017

Book Review: The Eyes of Abel by Daniel Jacobs

The Eyes of AbelThe Eyes of Abel by Daniel Jacobs

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eyes of Abel is an international social-economic political thriller with a touch of environmental sciences

It touches upon the sensitive subject of Israel and its impact on the world as well as the impact the world has had on Israel. It touches upon the oil-economy and the heavy dependence of the world on oil/petroleum and how that is a political time bomb.

It touches upon airport security and how it has only created more terrorists while keeping us all safe from the next plane bombing. It touches upon how the initiatives/research/work around the fresh new energy alternatives are crushed by those who want the oil economy to continue. 

And to all that you add a high profile committed dedicated journalist and a girl who doesn’t seem to be what she says she is – at the same time, making the journalist fall head-over-hells for her … and you have a narrative that is political and social but keeps the interest levels intact.

Although fiction, the views and thought process presented in the narrative on the sensitive subject of Israel and Palestine and middle-east and terrorism is indeed enlightening. It gives the average reader a sense of balanced view … or at least convincing the reader that the world is NOT black and white and they should NOT believe everything that is printed in back-n-white (in newspapers) and now spreading digitally through social media.

Don’t believe everything they show you. Use your own head too. And that is NOT easy at all. You are subjected to a tremendous amount of propaganda is today’s world through Youtube, FB, Whatsapp, 24 Hours News Channels etc. and it is difficult to ignore them when they all say the same thing.

What if … these sources are just amplifying that they believe will result in more revenue. Anything else is just social service and as profit-seeking organizations, they did not have time for that. What if … the truth is something that will not result in TRPs or will not inspire a Like/Share/Comment or make the video go viral reaching millions of hits?
Boring Truth is NOT reported. It’s ignored.

So can we be sure of what is getting reported? Are they really objective in reporting ? What if their thought process is already clouded by a bias of their own?
Its complicated. World socio-economic-political maze is complicated, complex and unfathomable

The book attempts to enlighten the reader with a different point of view and I must say … Good Work.

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