Saturday, February 25, 2017

Book Review: The Magician’s Workshop (Vol. 2) by Christopher Hansen & J.R. Fehr

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 The expectation from Book 2 were low after reading book 1 – I was expecting the whole book to be focused on one event and nothing much. It sure did and before the book ended, it gave me what I was looking for. A hint of mystery and suspense. Now the storyline will be more interesting.

Carrying forward from Book 1, the color ceremony is conducted in first half while the second half is about some of the characters and their complex lives and colors.

The auhors show that the story has potential to spin out of control and storyline branching out into innumerable branched.

The color ceremony was indeed very colorful and glorious. The rest of the book was a bit of a suspense and other to support .
While i would look forward to the future books, the excitement level is not really high.  I personally like the series and the world that the authors have created. It has very exciting possibilities and there might be a very interesting and visually stunning movie in there.

But the authors need to understand that what they have written in Book 1 and 2 is just about 60 minutes of the movie so far. They need to cover more ground in a book ... to give a sense of pace and progress to the avid reader.

In their currrent format, a reader will need tremendous amount of patience ... and they will abandon after the first book ... waiting for the entire series to be written so that they can pick it up and enjoy.


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