Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Book Review: The Art of Seductive Communication by Karma Peters



Book: The Art of Seductive Communication

Author: Karma Peters

No. of Pages: 151

Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Development

Publisher: Self Published using Smashwords


Plenty of good straight-forward to-the-point advice in bite sized chapters (calling them chapters is actually a hyperbole)

The book is easy to read and assimilate with each chapter offering a piece of advice followed by explanations and examples.

Most of the advice is pretty much common-sense but it is good to have it all in one place … as a reminder for you.

If you had no time, you could read the table of contents and get a gist of the book.

Also, the table of Contents is a summary of the book and can serve as a quick reminder for you when you have read the book and want to remind yourself the key principles. Mind you, it has a looong table of contents.

Of course, the worth of such a book is not in the beauty of how well it is written. It is in how well you are able to use the book in your life and apply the principles in there. If you are able to apply even some of the principles from the book (and it is not at all difficult to do that); I guess the author will be happy.


Ratings on Book Review Parameters:
Usual parameters don't apply for this non-fictions work

Overall:           3.0 / 5   

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