Monday, April 13, 2015

Book Spotlight: Metro Diaries by Namrata (Privy Trifles)

As a voracious reader and a budding author who is too lazy to write, i have a soft corner for books and their authors. So i will always be ready to extend a helping hand when it comes to reviewing books and talking about authors. So this post is a spotlight on the book "Metro Diaries' by the blogger author Namrata who is popularly known by her online identity of Privy Trifles. She is a prolific reader herself and reviews books at

Well, as i said, this post is to shine a spotlight on a book and the author. So here we go ...

About the Book:

Love is one of the most amazing feelings on this earth, one that makes you the most powerful person or the most helpless person in a split second. These stories capture those feelings of despair, longing, love, lust, desire, want, dejection and admiration to create deja vu. Hold onto your hearts as you flip through these pages and take a walk down the memory lane as "Metro Diaries" will revive your innermost feelings and imbibe in you the magic of love. Touching, amusing and deeply moving, Metro Diaries - Love Classics are tales that will hold you from start till end.

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Some Random Fun Facts:

1. All the stories in the book are real - based on real people and their love lives. Of course, name of places and people have been changed to maintain confidentiality and protect the love birds.

2. Metro Diaries is a segment on Namrata's blog which consists of stories across genres though this book has only got the romance collection.

3. One of the characters in the book is the author herself and she does not reveal which one -- If you think you have the right answer do write to her and she might just let you know how close or far you are.

4. The stories in the book dont have a "The end" - they come to a sort of conclusion ... You will understand this only when you read the stories in the book.

5. Last but not the least, the stories are not your typical boy-meets-girl and they-live-happily-forever love stories. Namrata's writings are far deeper

About the Author:

Namrata is a prolific blogger popularly known by the name 'Privy Trifles' in the blogosphere. She romances life through her writings and aspires to make love the universal language. She dons various hats between that of a contributing author to 7 anthologies, a reviewer for leading publishing houses, an editor to various books and a columnist. Apart from that she is also the editor for an online magazine called Writer's Ezine. Having mastered the nuances of finance till recently she also held the title of an investment banker closely to let it go to embrace her love for writing fully.

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