Thursday, October 10, 2013

September Reading Summary


Summary of novels, novellas, short stories read during September


1              Novel: The Plantation by Chris Kuzneski

2              PKD Shorts: Small Town by Philip K Dick

3              PKD Shorts: Souvenir by Philip K Dick

4              PKD Shorts: Survey Team by Philip K Dick

5              PKD Shorts: Prominent Author by Philip K Dick

6              3I Series by MZ- Novella: Mystery of Hitchcock Inheritance by Mark Zahn

7              Hitchcock – The Shadow of Silence: Day of the Tiger by Jack Webb

8              Hitchcock – The Shadow of Silence: Opportunity by Bill Pronzini

9              Hitchcock – The Shadow of Silence: The Magic Tree by James McKimmey

10          Novel: Fog Over Finny's Nose by Dana Mentink

11          Hitchcock – Shrouds & Pockets: Vintage Murder by Vincent McConnor

12          Hitchcock – Shrouds & Pockets: Where Have You Gone, Sam Spade? By Bill Pronzini

13          3I Crimebusters Novella: Shoot the Works by William McCay

14          Hitchcock – Home Sweet Homicide: What You Don't Know Can't Hurt You by John Lutz

15          Hitchcock – Home Sweet Homicide: In the Bag by Ralph McInerny

16          Novel: A Vision of Angels by Timothy Jay Smith

17          Hitchcock – Most Wanted: The Roughneck and the Dead Guy by Brent Haywood

18          Hitchcock – Most Wanted: Greek Town by Loren D. Estleman

19          Hitchcock – Most Wanted: Poor Dumb Mouths by Bill Crenshaw

20          Hitchcock – Home Sweet Homicide: A Candle for the Bag Lady by Lawrence Block



Read the last story from the collection of 24 short stories by Philip K Dick (PKD) titled "The Complete Stories of Philip K. Dick Vol. 3". Now I will give PKD a break for a couple of months and pick it up next year. The current ACD collection is also coming to an end and I am not planning to start a new ACD collection this year.


Instead of PKD and ACD, I will probably pick up some other short story series by a particular author or by genre. Something like Asimov short stories ...


Read the last story from the collection of 12 short stories titled "Alfred Hitchcock - Home Sweet Homicide". Surprisingly it had one story in common with another series that I have been reading this year. The remaining 3 titles also will be completed in coming months.

You might wonder that although there are a couple of novels shown in the list above, the reviews of the same are not there on my blog. Well … the recent months have become more and more busy and the time I get for myself is getting more and more limited. Even weekends are gutted by office work and occasional family demands. Reading numbers have also fallen but they are still there since I read during my daily commute to and fro office and that hasn't changed yet.

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