Thursday, October 17, 2013

God and Logic and Free Will!

Read this 'comment' while some random internet surfing on the topic of rational thinking …
I was trying to explain to an atheist that both theist and atheist are illogical because it cannot be proven that god exist and it cannot be proven that god does not exist. The atheist focused on the statement - "it cannot be proven that god does not exist". So he replied with a string of profanities accusing me of trying to convince him that god does in fact exist when I had not said or even implied anything of the sort. In fact, I was surprised at how many people were very confused by this simple logic. Several defended atheism on the idea that if a theist cannot prove god exist, it therefore follows that god does not exist. Of course the former is no proof at all of the latter. The only LOGICAL position is that we cannot know or prove the existence of god one way or the other. It is very hard for people to understand this. (Comment by Intrepidd on this page)
When I read this comment, it gave me a perspective I never had before and I also realized that we apply this kind of erroneous logic to many things in life. Think about it ?
Another thing which struck me at a tangent is Free Will. Our thoughts are a result of our upbringing, context, situation, the influences around us at that moment and so many other factors that ultimately influence our thoughts and thought process. So where does 'free will' stand in the middle of all this?
The article on this page has an example of subscription offer for the Economist. Even if you do not read the while article (which I would definitely recommend); at least read that portion and then think about 'Free Will' in that context.
We live in a strange world and we live our lives based on the directions of a weird and strange mind which (practically speaking) anyone can manipulate.

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