Monday, October 28, 2013

Duryodhana's Story by the one who told Ravana's Story

A week ago, I wrote the review for 'Arjuna: Saga of the Pandava Warrior-Prince by Anuja Chandramouli'; and the review ended with the following para …

The author of Asura is coming out with another book, the focus this time around is the Kauravas. I want to give that book a shot since the potential to weave a great story around Kauravas is immense. I hope he does not bungle up the opportunity like he did in Asura. It might be interesting to reach out to him and ask directly :)

Well … I have sent my questions to the author through the publisher and now wait for his response. Based on the response, I might send in some more questions. And yes, I have asked the questions I wanted to ask.

Also, here is the cover of his forthcoming book, "AJAYA – Epic of the Kaurava Clan" which is actually Duryodhana's story – so Anand once again writes the story from the villain's perspective … and I am definitely interested if it is Mahabharata from the eyes of Duryodhana.  

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