Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tale of 3 Cities


 A few months ago, I wrote about another 'tale of 3 cities' which was more of tale of 3 countries … where I had breakfast, lunch and dinner in 3 different countries.

WELL, now my international travels have stopped and my passport is resting but the travel bug is still around albeit on domestic sectors. The first place my new job took me to was Ahmedabad. Since I had been to Ahmedabad, I wasn't so much excited. But now my travels take me to 3 cities which I have not visited earlier.

Gwalior, Sagar & Ujjain in the princely state of Madhya Pradesh – 3 days – 3 cities

This would actually be my first visit to MP.

I am actually excited about this aspect of my job - the India Travel part. I always wanted to travel across India but my earlier jobs have taken me to different countries in past 7 years but seldom would I need to travel to other cities.




Trivia - I was also at Indore (although very briefly) during this visit. I did not really visit Indore.
After spending the day in Ujjain, I rushed to Indore in the evening to catch the flight back to Mumbai.


So technically, I can even say I was in 5 cities over 5 days J

Mumbai – Gwalior – Sagar – Ujjain – Indore – Mumbai

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