Monday, August 27, 2012

Cloud Computing and Portable Computing Devices



Laptops, tablets and smart phones have become pretty common and you are right now most probably reading this on one of these devices. And if you are a user of these devices, then the concept of cloud computing must be fascinating to you. You must have heard about it and might even have used it (knowingly / unknowingly).

Cloud Computing in practical application means that you can upload/modify documents/files from one device and it will be available updated on all your devices since the documents are residing in a remote server and not on your device. Think of it as your email (yahoo / hotmail / gmail) which you can access from any device.

Cloud computing has actually been around in concept and application for a long time now BUT has gained prominence only recently since the usage of multiple devices has become prominent only recently with individuals having 2 or more of devices like Laptop, tablet, smart phone etc.

Also, since we use our own devices these days to login to our 'cloud services' – whether it is email or file sharing or even social networking websites – we have most of them on auto log-in so that we spare ourselves the trouble of typing in the passwords again and again.

That's quite a background I have built for the one situation I would like to present before you …

Theft or Loss or Selling of a device …

Losing a phone is neither uncommon nor very difficult. You could lose it while commuting or it could simply be stolen while you are travelling, at the café or simply snatched off your hands. Once the device falls into 'other' hands; they have access to your auto-logged-in accounts too. Some may not intend to do anything and they would simply remove the sim and reset the phone to sell it off.

Others may either not be careful or they might intend to cause you some harm. They can easily enter into your accounts and delete files, send reputation damaging emails etc. Imagine the kind of havoc they could create in your life.

As smart phones begin to get more and more apps which store more and more of your information; I wouldn't think I am stretching it a bit by saying that someone could easily steal your identity if they stole your phone.

We are also witnessing the introduction of mobile wallet where you will transact using your phone. Your phone will be your purse and its loss would be colossal. 

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