Saturday, August 18, 2012

Alice in Wonderland

My first month in the new job was akin to my having feelings like 'Alice in Wonderland' … at times Lost, at times Confused, at times Bewildered, at times the feeling of 'What have I got myself into' … and so on. I have written earlier that this job is almost like a career shift for me. A lot of things here are new for me and what I bring to the table is the wisdom and experience of my past 10 years work experience. My skill set from the past is just a small part of my role here. A significant majority is all new to me.

Having worked in IT companies till date (Patni, Satyam, Fujitsu) this one is going to be different. I have always been on the delivery side as a Consultant, now I would be crossing over to the managing projects and business development side too

Also, the way KPMG works is different from the way my previous organizations worked. Things are different here, remarkably different.

The feelings through the first 4 weeks oscillated from excitement to kind of bored to being lost and then slowly getting grips on myself.
The second month was a lot of exploration and reading new stuff. I even ordered 2 academic books related to my work and am back to the 'study table'. Things are moving fast and i am learning new things every other day ... Life is on a Rock-n-Roll !!!

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