Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reading plans v/s Actual reading



Reading has been phenomenal in the past 6 months with a total reading score of 113. There have been some changes to the reading plans with an increasing trend towards short stories. I had a rough cut reading plan for 2012 which I blogged in January. I am comparing the plan to the actual in this post here.


Planned and Read - (1) Robert Ludlum (2) Devdutt Pattnaik (3) Chris Kuzneski

Planned but Unread – (1) Clive Cussler (2) Rick Riordan (3) Chetan Bhagat

Planned and Read and continues - Sherlock, 3I and Famous Five

Unplanned but read

Plenty of new authors (Indian, American, Japanese, and so on …)

Satyajit Ray Short Stories, Chicken Soup stories collection,


I discovered several new authors … reading new authors every month. Also discovered and read and enjoyed several series and independent short stories. The 3 authors planned but which remain unread (Clive Cussler, Rick Riordan, Chetan Bhagat) in the first half of the year will surely be read before the end of the year along with more new authors and non-Sherlock works of Conan Doyle.


The first 6 months have a very good reading score of around 18 full length novels (from 666 pages to 250 pages long) and 95 long and short stories (ranging from 100 pages to 10 pages length) in the first half of the year… a total of 113.

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