Sunday, July 01, 2012

Presentation Screens


When will projectors and presentation screen catch up with the screen sizes of laptops, desktops, TVs ??

Every time I design a presentation in Microsoft Powerpoint; I am faced with the situation where the aspect ratio of the powerpoint slide is 4:3 while the screens on which I work (mostly laptop / occasionally desktop) have long gone into the wide-screen mode (16:9 or wider).

Increasingly I find organizations sporting large size TV's in their conference rooms which get connected to the laptop you are carrying and the wide-screen TV becomes the 'screen/monitor' for your equally wide-screen laptop screen. No problems there most of the times. Problem is when you got to connect to the typical projector which is most often than not ceiling mounted or lies on the conference table. The projection screen is also 4:3 ratio and so is the projection from the projector. This often requires your laptop 'signal' or screen resolution to be changed to 4:3 format to match the projection.

THIS is troublesome and inconvenient as it shakes up my 'desktop' and moves around the various icons I have on screen. And then I have to search for my files and folders on the desktop.

Hope the manufacturers and software designers are already looking into it and working towards resolving the issues without inconveniencing the user.

I strongly feel it is time the presentation and projection format goes wide-screen …  and there should be a better software built into the laptop / computer / projector itself to take care of the appropriate projection ratios.

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