Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I have been reading quite a bit of non-fiction in past 1.5 months. All this non-fiction that I am reading is trapped in MS Word Docs and Powerpoint presentations – in short, it is all purely work related.


This reading oscillates between boring and exciting as I find some parts interesting/exciting while the others are not exactly boring but they just bounce off my head (rather than seeping in and getting absorbed. This all reminds me of my study days (School / College / Engineering / MBA).


I don't have an HR background. I did my Engineering and then worked for an IT company, got laid off during the post-Y2K 'IT industry' tumble of 2001, ran my training start-up for some time before doing my MBA from NITIE (which is not known for HR specialization, btw). Then I joined Satyam and did Org. Change Mgmt Consulting for 5 years before joining Fujitsu Consulting India (doing the same). Now that I am in KPMG, I am supposed to become an all-rounder HR Consultant / Manager with adequate knowledge of various facets of the vast subject of Human Resource and even get some decent level of expertise and specialization in certain areas.


My education and career till date have left few HR receptors inside my brain which results in the 'bouncing off' of certain things that I read. Of course, a lot of HR is common sense but then there is advanced stuff too which does not 'stick' in the first read. I am going through the reading material twice, thrice and would continue to go through them till a decent amount 'sticks' and I can make intelligent conversation with colleagues and clients.


At this stage, I am at the bottom of the learning curve, learning not only from documentation but from people all around me in the team.


Not that I cannot have a intelligent and convincing conversation with them. I think I am smart enough to handle some conversation, if not a deep dive chat into the fundamentals of certain HR concepts and principles. I am a consultant after all and I got to be good at that.

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