Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An Incredibly Adventurous Day

A day of extreme variety and adventure …

O! What a day it was !

From the sweltering 45 Degrees to the chilling minus 5 degrees

From the speed boat ride in the open seas to the snow sleigh and tobogganing tyre sliding on snow

From walking on the HOT sand to wading through waist/chest deep COOL water to sliding and slipping on the COLD snow and flying / parasailing over Sea !!!

We rode the Bus, Taxi, Metro, Speed Boat, sleigh and even flew with the parachute thingy … all in a span of 12 hours

That is how I celebrated my Wedding Anniversary in May last year !!!

The end of the day was pretty calm and subtle as compared with the rest of the day … a walk down the sea side and a candle light dinner at Kamat Restaurant

It was a truly awesome day and THE MOST Adventurous day of my life ... of our lives ... 

Some pictures of our adventures ... 





This recollection of an incredible day is courtesy Mahindra XUV and :) 

Indiblogger is running a Mahindra XUV ( sponsored contest where contestants can chronicle their adventures !! Fun .. isn't it !! 

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