Sunday, April 29, 2012

Biking around the Green Lung of Mumbai



The Crowded bustling city of Mumbai

A concrete jungle where greenery is seen in corners and window sills (within small pots); where traffic and pollution are an integral part of one's life

If you notice the Mumbai Map above, you may not seem to agree with the lack of greenery aspect of my comment. After all, you can see a whole big green patch right in the upper centre of the image. Well, that's the Sanjay Gandhi National Park of Mumbai which has taken care of the green cover of Mumbai. Thankfully, it is a protected area and hence the greenery is still saved from the encroachments of the concrete jungle.

Above the green zone, is Ghodbunder Road, which connects Borivli and Thane. On the left of the green lung of Mumbai is Western Express Highway while on the right we have the Eastern Express Highway. On the lower side, we have the JVLR … the Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road. These 4 major roads form the periphery of the green lung of Mumbai and THAT circular (well, not exactly) path is My Personal Favorite Biking Route.

Let me show you. Here is another map of Mumbai with my fav route marked out in Blue (courtesy Google Maps)




 The entire route spans about 80 km and can take anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours to commute on my bike depending upon traffic conditions on JVLR and Ghodbunder Road since these two are pretty busy roads with a bit of construction work going on in certain parts leading to traffic jams.

Why is this my favorite biking route for a long drive?

Simple. These are roads where I can actually push my 2-wheels to their max limits. These set of roads have the least traffic on them. AND the most important factor is the overall climatic conditions on this route. Since the road is surrounding the green lung of Mumbai; all that greenery has a nice cooling effect on it. The temperature on these roads can be about 3 to 5 degrees cooler than the rest of the city (concrete city). Especially the stretch of road on JVLR which is right below the green lung can be real cool (in fact chilly in winter).

The wide highway like roads with sparse traffic for most parts is a boon for the 2-wheels which can whiz through the route with best possible cool breeze blowing at your helmets windshield and through the folds of your jacket.

I have been tempted so many times to take the route without the burden-on-the-head (helmet) but have done it only once and that too only for just the Eastern Express Highway part of the journey wherein I was praying that I wouldn't encounter our dear traffic constables who would be ready to hand me a tiny slip of paper with a nice little fine mentioned and I would be lighter by a couple 100 bucks.

The journey was simply amazing. I remember the thrill of the speed which I could completely feel on my face and in my hair. It was a fantastic feeling which I would love to re-live but then safety of self as well as my money is important and I am not really a risk-taker at heart. So its me and my 2-wheels with the burden on my head going around in the green-loop of Mumbai.

If you are a biking enthusiast in Mumbai and haven't tried the Green-Lung Route; give it a try.

I am sure you will love it.

I have never written about me and my 2-wheels … and most people don't know this side of my personality which prefers the twin-wheels. I have practically never driven the 4-wheeler we have, since I am more than biased towards my 2-wheeler.

I have written for the first time about my biking preference inspired by the contest held by in collaboration with Castrol (visit them at



  1. I have ridden on this route many a times, but really liked the name you gave to it.. :D
    But, I actually dont like riding on Ghorbunder road during peak hours in evening, hell traffic it has everyday...

  2. @Punit

    You are right. The traffic at the Thane end of Ghodbunder Road does get bad with all the flyover construction going on.

    But overall this route is the best in mumbai ...