Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I like Gmail


Yes. The blog post title is almost contradictory to the previous post I made.

But yes, the contradiction is not there.

Ever since its launch in 2004; I have been a huge Gmail fan. Its fantastic and innovative features, its huge inbox size, its simplistic and compact design and the conversation style arrangement of messages and labels instead of folders

I still love Gmail … it's the new interface that I don't like.

I had been a troubled soul when I had seen my gmail box usage touch 97% once upon a time. This was way back in time when the mailbox was 1 GB. I had exchanged emails with my close friends about what will I do now. And then just like that they increased the mailbox size from 1 to 2GB and the 97% went down to 48% … wooohooo ….

I was going through similar feelings since past we months as my 7.5GB mailbox began to show near 90% usage. The message in my mailbox at the time of posting is "92% full - Using 7108 MB of your 7710 MB"

AND it happens again … Google has announced yet another quantum jump from 7.5GB to 10 GB !!!

Wooooohooooo …..

And that way they advertize Google Drive to all Gmail users directly J


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