Thursday, March 29, 2012

Robert Ludlum and Matthew … The Best Storytellers (for me at least)


I first read Robert Ludlum way back in 2006 … and I became an instant fan


I read what I could get my hands on … including the Bourne Series … and read about 10-12 RL novels during 2006-2007. And there was a kind of break. Reading itself became limited until I kind of restarted reading in 2009-2010. This time around I was reading new authors (I had discovered Matthew Reilly and become an instant fan and was reading all of his works) and did not somehow pick up a Robert Ludlum. I did pick one but it somehow did not give me the Robert Ludlum feeling.


After a long gap, I picked up a Robert Ludlum novel … I started reading Trevayne a few days ago and have enjoyed every bit of the 550+ pages of storytelling that RL indulges in. There is a particular quality in RL's novel. For me, he is a master story teller who keeps you (the reader) in his grips when you are reading his work. The story develops quickly and the story does not stagnate. It is difficult to summarize RL's novel in a few minutes if you are to cover all aspects of the story. A lot happens in his novels and it's all so exciting that you can't wait to read 'what happened next' …
It has been such a nice feeling reading RL ..that I wondered why i hadn't picked up any novels by him in past few years,


Robert Ludlum and Matthew Reilly write books which I could read start to finish in a single seating (considering that they both write real long novels 400 to 700 page length). No other author that I have read drew me like this. When I read their novels there is a total oblivion to the world outside. Bliss of reading!  

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