Friday, March 02, 2012

Book Review: Scammed: Confessions of a Confused Accountant by Anonymous

Yet another free book from for review. I am loving this Book Review Program of BlogAdda since it exposes me to some real good works (of course there are exceptions too, but I am still to encounter them).
So the fresh new book for review this time is Scammed: Confessions of a Confused Accountant by Anonymous   
I began this book on the first day of the month and finished it in a matter of hours during my Mumbai-Pune bus journey !!
The story begins with our protagonist being described as a typical over-worked accountant who waits for his promotion putting in long hours and dedication for years while some new bimbo on the block strikes up a relationship with his boss and gets the promotions. The life of our depressed accountant takes a sudden and complete U-turn and the story is pretty interesting thereafter as he goes through the HIGHS and LOWS of life and its peculiarities.
The story does not stagnate. In the first chapter the context is set, protagonist introduced and his condition, nature, circumstances set. The story immediately catches a good pace from the 2nd chapter and develops pretty quickly. Developments follow one another and the story moves quickly and so does our hero who rapidly rises from being nobody to somebody. And then quickly transforms into a 'wanted' somebody. Like a typical Bollywood movie, it has all the masala … Ambition, Love and Dhoka … with dhoka of various kinds.
Our protagonist goes through the phases of down-&-out, quick rise to fame and meteorite fall … and has 3 different girls in his life through all these phases. This would tell you that like a typical guy deprived of female attention; our protagonist also gets easily swayed by any and every female attention he gets. Of course, which of them is genuine and which is motivated by the expectation of material benefits is for us to see through the story.
Besides our ambitious accountant-turned-CEO and his girl-friends; there are a host of characters in the story (all males incidentally) who play a significant role in the rise and fall of our hero. I liked almost all of the characters which were woven into the story.
I personally liked the book. The story moves quickly and has a decent pace across the story (although it becomes a tad slow towards the end)
The climax of the story was less interesting than expected but it seemed REAL. It wasn't dramatic like most novels or fictional works. The story did not end in a flare with the protagonist emerging a hero in flying colors with a flash of brilliance or something like that. The climax was very realistic and somewhere I liked it (not that I would mind a DORK like brilliant "all's well that ends well")
Not just the climax, but the whole story and all the characters in the story are very realistic. They seem to be real to us and we can identify with them. We can easily identify with our protagonist (the way he thinks and feels; and gets swayed by female attention) and even the other characters including the girlfriends  … they are not out of ordinary or so fantastic that they seem fictional characters. They are neither unnecessarily glorified or exaggerated. 
Though the author chooses to remain Anonymous … I hope he chooses to write more and hope the publishers tell us at that time that this is the same 'Anonymous' who wrote 'SCAMMED' … you know it is always difficult to know one anonymous author from another.
If you are looking at an interesting and simple read which has a good pace (not too fast) to it, this is a good book to pick and if financial scams interest you, that would be an added bonus.
Well … This was yet another book review from me as part of the Book Reviews Program at You can also participate to get free books for review!

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