Friday, March 30, 2012

3 Meals in 3 Countries … Phew !!


Had only heard about such things in movies ... now it is happening to ME in real life ...


So 29th March gets recorded in my personal book as a historical day for Me


3 meals of the same day in 3 different cities across 3 different countries …


Breakfast in Doha, Qatar

Lunch in Dubai, UAE

Dinner in Mumbai, India


This reminds me of some old Bollywood movie dialogues (including Border) where some rich guy is bragging about his riches by saying things like Breakfast in London, Lunch in Paris and Dinner in New York !!!


Yeah Yeah ,,, looks grand and that's what I used to think when I used to hear the dialogue in movies ... BUT what I never considered was the amount of 'travelling' involved in between those 3 meals !!


We are talking countries and not just cities so for the above to be true, you gotta travel … travel across the countries to these cities. One ends up spending the entire day between the meals and the flights. So much time spent at the airports … check-in queues, immigration queues, baggage belt waiting time and so on … It isn't pretty !!


Well … I had the company of Robert Ludlum J

I was reading his novel so the waiting times were not bad at all for me. I welcomed them.


I kind-of never liked all this cross country travel …. But then now I use all the available time at hand while travelling for READING. With the increase in travel, my reading has increased and I manage to read quite a lot. I am loving it


Painful is the time I had time at hand (waiting or travelling) and no book to read … so now I ensure I carry my tab (with all the eBooks loaded) and at least 2 physical hard copy paper-smelling novels with me on my long trips.


Well … I digress. The subject of this post was related to cross-country meals and let me not go into books. I couldn't help it though … Both are for 'consumption' and I am fond of both.


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