Saturday, August 20, 2011

Random chatter - Festivals in India

Several festivals come and go in the second half of the year in India and you see different ways of celebrations in different parts of the country. Celebrations are times when the country turns colorful and there is a lot of joy around. People are generally happy and they talk/meet their friends and relatives on the pretext of wishing them on the occasion. Often, there are people who you talk to only during these occasions wishing over festivals.

Festivals in India are times when people buy new clothes and household things including electronic equipment and vehicles (although past 2 decades has begun to shift this culture and the marketers are slowly changing the culture of festival-buying to anytime-buying)

Festivals add a lot of sound (read noise), color and light to the general atmosphere and everything seems to be highlighted; even people.

Festivals are times when people get a holiday … from work and from educational institutes. These holidays were traditionally utilized for celebrating the festival but the trend now is to take 'vacations' and go to some hill station or even catch a holiday abroad.

If you have read so far and are wondering what am I writing about and what is the whole point I am trying to make… QUIT now

I am not trying to make any point nor trying to put a perspective to anything. This is pure mind chatter translated into words. J
I am simply thinking about all the family-time (with Parents and siblings) I am going to miss during the festivals that i am going to miss in the second half of the year ... away from home.

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