Saturday, August 13, 2011

A day of extreme variety

O! What a day it was !

From the sweltering 45 Degrees to the chilling minus 5 degrees.

From the speed boat ride in the open seas to the snow sleigh and tobogganing tyre sliding on snow.

From walking on the HOT sand to wading through waist/chest deep COOL water to sliding and slipping on the COLD snow and flying / parasailing over Dubai Seas !!!

Rode the Bus, Taxi, Metro, Speed Boat, sleigh and even flew with a parachute thingy !!

All in a single day !!!


That is how I celebrated my Wedding Anniversary in May !!!

Celebrated on 14th May instead of 15th May … since 14th was a weekend. (Kept 15th May much more calm with a walk down the sea side and a dinner at Kamat Restaurant)

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