Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Best Khan of Bollywood !!

So who do you think is the best 'Khan' of bollywood … Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan …. Well … my choice is a bit hatke !!

For years … or should I say decades, my favorite Khan of Bollywood has been .... Kader Khan !!

Today, while channel surfing, an out-of-the-blue thought struck me and I was reminded of Kader Khan. I realized that it had been a very long time since I had seen him on the silver screen. Decided to google him and find out if he was still around.

Googling told me that his last movie was Umar, some 3-4 years ago and since then he has literally quit Bollywood.

He has been in Dubai since then and he is now into a non-acting profession. He is a teacher. The profession though is not new to him. He was a professor in Mumbai before Bollywood happened and he is content to be back into his old role. Before Bollywood, he used to teach Civil Engineering students at the Saboo Siddik Polytechnic in Mumbai. But now he is teaching languages to Dubai students - Urdu and Arabic. (source)

Having seen in a wide variety of roles since early childhood … as a villain against the likes of Jeetendra in movies like Pataal Bhairavi .. to character roles (especially Father) in several family movies, to the comedy pillar of Govinda-David Dhawan movies … he has literally done it all in Bollywood. If he has quit Bollywood (for whatever reasons), It is a great loss … for Bollywood and for Indians.

I miss him.

(There was another article on the net that I came across; it said he is making a comeback in a TV serial on Sahara One - Source)

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