Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mumbai Spirit and Terrorism

Came across an article published in DNA authored by fame Rahul Roushan

It made for some interesting satirical reading on the state of terrorism in India and how Mumbai Spirit becomes a keyword for any and every news item after a terrorist influenced tragedy strikes the city (or for that matter any other city)

Although, personally I feel the Government can't do much to prevent terrorism strikes and bomb blasts since it is simply not possible / feasible to monitor and check each and every person & vehicle visiting each and every part of the city / country. Such a task will require a police force which would be 10% of the country population. PEOPLE in general will have to play police and even then it might not be possible to pin point and stop a guy from visiting an individual from entering a crowded place with a bomb in his bag/vehicle in a peak hour and leave it there.

All the articles which criticize the government for not taking adequate measures to stop terrorism and terrorist attacks don't probably realize the difficulty of the task nor do we have a visibility of the information on how many attacks are actually prevented and foiled by the combined action of our police force, intelligence force and other allied groups.

Yes … we can get paranoid about security as USA does and have absolutely stringent security checks at all airports, train stations, bus depots, inter-state and inter-city highways, temples, major community centres, public festival places and so on …. But then the same set of people or probably new ones will write long emails, blogs, tweets and speeches on how the government is getting paranoid and causing unnecessary inconvenience to the common man while the terrorists go scot free.

So there is need for being slightly practical rather than being critical of the Governments' efforts. Yes, there is a lot more than can be done which our Government and its inefficient machinery are not doing. But we should not expect miracles. Countries with no terrorism problems are not those where the Government is more efficient in this matter, they are simply those in which the terrorists are not interested.

Well … coming to the article which made me write this … I enjoyed reading the article and have nothing against it. I have enjoyed the writings of Rahul for quite some time and look forward to more J The Article here and Faking News website here.

And while you are there … the following article might be of relevant and interesting read


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