Friday, July 01, 2011

Movie Round-up Jan-Jun 2011

Movie seen in the first half of this year …

Jan to Mar None at all … a dismal quarter without any movie theatre visit !

April broke the spell with Dum Maro Dum and Scream 4 (Premiere) which were seen in Sharjah and Dubai theatres respectively

May was Hanna (Premiere) while June was Cars 2 in 3D (Premiere). All these premiere shows were seen in Reel Cinemas at The Dubai Mall. Tickets won in the Facebook contest.

I also saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (in 3D) during my Mumbai visit in May-June.

So all in all … 5 movies in the past quarter !

Cars2 was the best of the lot with PoTC as second best (although I was personally disappointed with the movie). The other movies were average.

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