Friday, July 22, 2011

Dubai Fountain and Om Shanti Om !!

I have been Dubai for almost 24 months now (16 months in 2008/2009 and 8 months of 2010/2011) and have visited The Dubai Mall (TDM) several times. On every occasion, I have tried NOT to miss the Musical Dubai Fountains. There are 10 minutes musical shows every half hour starting from about 7 PM. So I have seen them so many times and they are fun and often exhilarating to watch.

There is a nice instrumental music and the 100’s of water jets dance to the tunes. It is almost a soothing feeling and the Dubai Fountains are amazing crowd pullers. I have always loved them.

Watching them is a Bliss

BUT Today … it was NOT.

Today … It was amusing. Hilarious. And downright comic.

(Disclaimer: There are absolutely my personal thoughts and I won’t be surprised if no one chooses to agree with me :) …

But the fact is the moment I heard the first note of music, a smile formed in my head (yes .. that is possible). The second note of music (which came after a few seconds pause) made the smile appear on my face although a very measured restricted smile. (Measured and restricted bcos there I was standing in full business suit with my laptop bag slung over my shoulder and an eBook Reader in hand .... smiling at nothing …. People would think I had gone nuts)

By the time the third note rang out through the atmosphere and the fountains erupted, I just couldn’t help the grin on my face. I was simply beaming. And that beaming smile stayed for the full duration of the song.

This was the first time I had heard them play a Bollywood Song to the fountains. No, not just instrumental (as it is always been) but full blown bollywood masala song with lyrics and all.

And in all the glory of blollywood masala, they chose the song from the Shahrukh-Deepika starrer ‘Om Shanti Om’ and the song was …. "Tum Tana Nana ,, Kaise sajna se nain milau”

I wasn’t very sure if they would have synchronized the song and the fountain dance but to my amazement, I found the 100’s of water jets actually dancing perfectly in synch with the music. It was a job done to perfection.

It was a fantastic experience and I left TDM smiling all the way to the Taxi and continued to smile even after. I was so ‘affected’ by the whole experience that I started typing this post on my laptop as soon as I perched myself comfortably in the taxi and typed until I completed it.

So that was my smile filled evening at TDM.

Addendum ....... The Fountains were not the only reason for the evening being a good one. I should not forget to mention the half an hour I spent ‘licking’ Gelato (ice-cream) (yes … licking … not eating … I was indeed licking it off the small tiny spoon for a change) at ‘The Works’ in ‘The Dubai Mall’ … it was a nice experience eating an ice-cream so peacefully at leisure after such a long time and reading an interesting novel on an eBook Reader!!

 I am actually looking forward to visiting ‘The Works’ again for another big scoop of their Gelato while I sit back and enjoy the dancing Dubai Fountain (you can actually watch the Dubai Fountain while sitting inside the Works .. although you can’t hear the music) and reading an eBook.

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