Monday, February 16, 2009

Vote for me .. Mumbai Bloggers

Voting for the most popular/best/widely read Mumbai bloggers is on and I am also in the race :)
so in these 'election times' ,,, ek vote yahan bhi ... for - thats my blog :)
well ... i actually used this voting thing to get in touch with a lot of my friends whom I had not contacted in a long time ... 
It becomes sometimes difficult to be in touch with all friends .. simply due to the large number of aquantances and friends we gather as we move along our lives ... school, neighbours, college, junior college, professional college, work, job 1, job 2 .... and so on ... 
so when this voting thing came up .. i wrote to most of my friends and asked them to write back :) 
as some intelligent person once said ... when life offers you a lemon, make a lemonade ...

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