Monday, February 23, 2009

The 8th Oscar !

My mailbox and eardrum has been flooded with discussions and congratulations on the 7 Oscars won by SlumDog Millionnaire ...
Here is my response to it :)
A. No. Not 7. Slumdog Millionnaire has won 8 (EIGHT) Oscars !!
The categories Slumdog Millionaire won Oscar awards are (1) best feature film, (2) direction, (3) original song, (4) original score, (5) sound mixing, (6) editing, (7) adapted screenplay and (8) cinematography. Dunno how did the '7 Oscars' news 'leaked' out :D
B. I dont understand the hypoe around SDM in India. Guys !! It is NOT an Indian Movie. It is a HOLLYWOOD movie. So why are we shouting on top of our lungs for it. Yes ... there is a significant Indian Presence in the movie but it is not an Indian movie. The movie is about India and its slums and about an indian slum kid .. but the movie is NOT. So Chill ...
C. SDM has won 8 Oscars doesnt translate to India has won 8 Oscars or the other version 'We have won 8 Oscars' .... What we have won is only 3 oscars (and not 2) ... our dear A R Rehman, Gulzar  and .. the unknown one .. Resul Pookutty ... in the categories ... original score and original  and sound mixing ... I am happy for the "3 Oscars coming to India" !!!
Now .. i got to see this movie !! :D


  1. actually India has got 4 oscars - 2 for Rahman, one for Resul and one for Gulzar in the song category along with Rahman.

  2. Anyway, this is what I'd like and have been waiting to hear from a true blue Indian. You are correct, it was and is a Hollywood movie. But of course you can't blame your countrymen for feeling so proud in being a part of this much awarded movie. :-) If it happened to any other national, they'd be celebrating too. :-)