Saturday, September 20, 2008

Helping Bihar Flood Victims made easy

Bihar Floods ... You must have already heard about it, read about it, symphatised with the flood victims. wished you could do something but did not know how to do it effectively, easily ... 

well ... here are two ways ... both simplified for you ... 

First - Direct donations through your ICICI account. Today when i tried to login into my ICICI account, it automatically took em to a page where i could donate money for flood victims ... indeed ... it was definately a good gesture by ICICI to collaborate with ...  You can infact go directly to and donate for any cause of your choise ... 

Second - a very unique and novel way for everybody to donate 'things/stuff' to flood victims by answering a few questions fo a quiz online .. spending one minute of their time ... and effetively donating biscuits, ropes, tarpauline, candles etc ... check out and read press coverage of this initiative here 

Blog about these .. talk about these .. spread the word and make the dinations happen ... your wee bit effort could mean a lot to someone out there in Bihar !! 

YOU can make a difference !! 


  1. Hi Arbit!

    It is quite an interesting quick cruise through your blogs. Very interesting but I have to go through it again but on a much slower pace next time. :-)

    I too went through the same thing you did -- 'grueling emotional roller coaster ride' -- the last one just late last year when my husband passed away. But I finally learned to pass through those difficult times quickly, yes. It would have been easier to remain in my grief and enjoy the comfort and sympathies extended by well-meaning friends. But my daughters and I chose to 'move' quickly through it and get on with our lives. We're moving on and wisely so. Yes, it is possible. All that is needed is the willingness to do so and to look forward to the future with renewed hope courage and faith.

    Thank you for coming by my blog and for your comment and lovely compliment. Thank you. Take care now. May God bless you and your family.


  2. hi there,

    Thanks for mentioning the work that GiveIndia does. To read the latest update from NGOs working in Bihar, please visit