Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Burj Dubai and Me !!

Yeah ... thas where I am these days. The small tiny 7 floor building (group) to which the aroow is pointing to is the place where I work these days. Its the Emaar Square. My client company has office spaces here where our project team is placed. The seven storey building group is hardly visible against the 160+ floor Burj Dubai.

Everyday I see the Burj Dubai (towering at 160+ floors - still under scontruction though) when i step out of office. Its amazing how high humans have gone in building the concrete pillars (and to think of it, there are plans already underway to have a second tower higher than this and a third which will be still higher)

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  1. 160 floors!! omigosh, that's crazy!! but then us humans are always known to act crazy hahah! Gee, your building there looks like a dwarf, a lilliputian even, beside that huge structure. :-)

    By the way, thanks for your recent visit to my blog; have replied to it there. Yes, I know Jigyasa too. Do extend my best regards please.

    Hope your Monday gave you a good start for the rest of the week. Take care and God bless you. See you around. :-)