Friday, September 19, 2008

Earthquake - Tremors inside me !!

So in the previous blog, you see where I work. Right next to the tallest building of the world - Burj Dubai. 

Now let me tell you about the thought which struck me like a lightning bolt last week when I experienced some tremors of an earthquake on Sept 10 ... while working in office ... 

The thought went like this ... Tremors of Earthquake .. furniture in my 5 storey office was shaking .. imagine the 'shake' in a 50 storey building ... in a 100 storey building ... now in the 160+ storey Burj Dubai standing next to us ... 

What if ... it would be shaken adn stirred to result in a fall ... and that too in our direction ... woah ... 

That was enough to scare the hell out of me ... 

BUT all this was pretty short livedd .. a few mili-seconds maybe ... by then the logical side of the gray matter inside the head took over the creative side and explained very logically (obviously) that all the high rise buildings were made earth-quake proof and there was no real danger of them toppling over in a normal 'high' intensity earthquake .. so we were safe and sound .. even if working in the tower itself !! 

Well ... it ws my first encounter with an earth-quake (the two other ones which happened around me in this lifetime - once i was sleeping, other i was myself jumping around so did not notice the tremors - i actually felt i made them happen when others started talking about it and i kept shut :)

So .. this was about the thoughts inside me when i felt the tremors from outside .. 

I cant even express the thoughts that pass through my mind when i feel the tremors of emotional earthquakes which rock my life every now and then these days ... :) 

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