Tuesday, May 16, 2017

VSS 016: Reader's Block

Reader’s Block

Very Short Story (VSS) 016


The writer’s block is common. As a writer, you just cannot write. Your brain feels jammed and it positively hurts to think about writing.

Ever heard of Reader’s Block.

Yeah. It exists and is equally painful.

When you suffer from it, no matter what you read, it hurts your head and feels totally uninteresting. You want to give up reading. You want to read no more.

Have you ever suffered from it?

I have suffered. Those were the worst times of my life - It was crazy and my Mind was in chaos. I couldn’t find solace in books.


Quick Note: Very Short Stories are approx./max. 99 word stories that i am going to write through the year. These very short stories are part of my writing resolutions of 2017. My target is to write at least 50 VSS this year which is about 12-13 every quarter. Currently I am behind my target by a few stories but gradually cathing up :-)

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