Sunday, May 14, 2017

VSS 015: Untill I Met Her

Until I Met Her

Very Short Story (VSS) 015

Consulting is not as glamorous as it was made out to be during the campus placement talk. They said you will travel and see the world.

They deliberately left out the detail that you will end up seeing only the airport, the hotel and the client office.

I hated my job but still persisted … until I met her.

She was a victim of overbooking. Wanted to join her friends for a Himalayan trek but airlines declined boarding.

Something stirred inside me. I talked to the airline and offered my seat to her.

I sent my resignation via blackberry.


Quick Note: Very Short Stories are approx./max. 99 word stories that i am going to write through the year. These very short stories are part of my writing resolutions of 2017. My target is to write at least 50 VSS this year which is about 4 per month or 13 per quarter. Currently I am behind my target but cathing up :-(

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