Friday, April 14, 2017

Book review: The Bearded Prince by Rajesh Talwar

The Bearded Prince by Rajesh Talwar


I guess my expectation was high and the book did not deliver as per my expectations. It was a nice little short novel/novella about a princess caught up in her prejudice and perception. She is finally released from the same but along the way, ends up letting go a good match due to astrological hindrances. In teaching one lesson, the author ended up highlighting/promoting another thing which should have been discouraged.

For me, the climax of the story was pretty anti-climactic. The story had a dull ending with no impact. In fact, the reasoning given at the end for the princess’ decision is neither eye opening nor logical. I definitely did not see something in there that I could convey to someone as a learning.  

I kept wondering what the key message was ... it did not even seem like 'dont judge people by appearance' (which I thought it would be) and the life changing thought process of the princess (explained in the last chapter) was not convincing enough.  

The story was written for kids and the author does mention that he had refused to dumb-down the language to make it suitable for kids (Good idea). Not sure how much will that matter though, since i am not going to give this book to my daughter. I refuse to confuse her by this book. Actually, I am just saving myself the embarrassment of not being explain to her the message of this book when she eventually comes to me confused asking why I asked her to read the book.

The story was supposed to have a strong character in the princess or the prince ... it had neither. And that is something I dont excuse a writer from. Your characters need to be strong to create an impression and send out a message. They should be memorable and  not easily forgettable.

Rating: 2/5

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