Saturday, September 06, 2014

Long Time No See …


My blog has been neglected in the past several months …

First it was the workload that increased which reduced my reading time as well as blogging time.
I did most of my reading while travelling and increasingly I found myself opening my laptop at the airport, in the cab etc to catch up on some work. This reduced my reading definitely and I started lagging behind on my 'reading schedule' and 'book review commitments'.
With difficulty I was reading 2 books a month but then another thing happened. I was not able to write their reviews since every time I sat with my laptop, work took prominence and the book review simply got pushed down on priority.
My dues apologies to the authors and publishers who have been waiting for their book reviews to appear on my blog

I have as many as 8-10 book reviews pending and I am committed to post them – 'better late than never'.

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