Saturday, September 13, 2014

How to Eat an Elephant

So .. how to eat an elephant ??
Well … you probably know this one … "Bit by Bite" … "One piece at a time"

Twice, life gave me an opportunity to write (a novel) with some good help from co-authors but being a lazy bum that I was and the workload that increased with time and the creative black-outs I would face … it never happened. Excuses were always there …

But this time it is different. I don't have to write a LOT to complete the novella. I just have to be there as part of the 'team' and support other team members while they write and of course write a few chapters myself. That sounds easy and seems like fun too.

So that's what I have got myself into. has launched their latest blogging initiative #CelebrateBlogging  … The Game of Blogs is a community blogging story writing contest where teams of 9-10 members have been formed who have to write a story in a series of blog posts (with several rules to ensure that most members are participating and not just a select creative few).

I personally feel that this is a BRILLIANT IDEA !!

And of course, it also means that finally … I will be part of a story that is being written.

So … the game of blogs has begun and the first two chapters of the story have already been written and as I write this blog post, the third one is being written by the assigned blogger. In a couple of days, it will be my turn and I will continue the story on my blog.

Return after a few days and u will see it (few days = less than 4) J
Our Team for the #GameOfBlogs to #CelebrateBlogging is named "Potliwale Baba" and it has the following superb set of very enthusiastic and diversely talented bloggers - Deepak Nare, Hemantkumar Jain, Nirav Thakker, Ritu Pandey, Shameem Rizwana, Shoumik De, Sneha Bhattacharjee, Srilakshmi Indrasenan,  Tushar (in simple alphabetic order J  - you see the dominance of 'S' named people – half the team J)

It has been some serious fun interacting with this motley group over the past few days and it is just the start … we are almost simultaneously interacting on multiple email threads, whatsapp and even google hangout/chat etc. At times, before you reply to somoene, another reply pops-in and while you type, 3-4 messages have already appeared and u have to scroll up and down to keep track of all the creative chaos in action :P  
And yes … let me share the link to the first chapter of the story so that you can already start reading and watch the story unfold across blogs in the next few days …
We have named our story 'Entangled Lives' and it takes off here ...

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  1. Dominance of S is indeed a good observation :) we should've kept the team name with S or something.. :) btw well said.. I pray our story wins and gets published. :)