Monday, January 27, 2014

My first 55 word story – Tunnel Vision

You might have come across those 55 word stories.

A couple of days back, I was waiting for my flight at Kuwait International airport. There was an old man sitting next to me and he did something that inspired this 55 word story. Although actual chain of events was slightly different but the gist is the same. 

So here is my first creation ...
Tunnel Vision

An old man painfully hobbled to the dustbin that was 25 meters from his seat in the airport lobby. I wondered at his persistence and my eyes moved to his seat which still held his luggage, phone and the book he was reading. And then I noticed something right behind his seat ... a dustbin.


  1. Oh oh...poor thing walked up all the way. But you must give it to him for his persistence. He didn't choose to throw it somewhere around unlike many others. Good one for a first-timer.

  2. @Rekha ...

    I very much appreciate the man's effort to reach out to a distant dustbin. When he was returning to his seat, our eyes met and i pointed to the dustbin near our seat. he looked at it and we both smiled. It was a very warm and friendly smile filled with amusement. A smile which refreshes you when you are bored during a lonely travel. Thats when i decided to write about it and when i finished the paragraph, decided to put it in 55 words !!!

    Thanks for your comment and appreciation.

    Have a good day