Saturday, January 04, 2014

December Reading

Books, Novellas, Short Stories that I read in December ...
This month included both Fiction and non-fiction (in fact the only months where there are 2 non-fiction books)


1          Non-Fiction: Aisle Be Damned by Rishi Piparaiya

2          Novelette: Stickman by Dennis Yates

3          Novel: BANKERUPT by Ravi Subramanian

4          Novella: Roger Ascham and the Kings Lost Girl by Matthew Reilly

5          Novel: Ajaya - Roll of the Dice, Epic of the Kaurava clan (Book I) by Anand Neelakantan

6          Hitchcock – Shrouds & Pockets: Self-Protection  by James Michael Ullman

7          Hitchcock – Shrouds & Pockets: Slay the Wicked by Frank Sisk

8          Non-Fiction: The World's Stupidest Instructions by Michael O'Mara Books

9          Hitchcock – Shrouds & Pockets: I by Edward Wellen

10        Hitchcock – Shrouds & Pockets: Trial Tactics by Joe L. Hensley

11        Hitchcock – Shrouds & Pockets: A Shroud for the Railroad Man by Alvin S. Fick

12        Short Story Collection: The Other Side (13 Horror Stories) by Faraaz Kazi (12 to 24)


The last month of the year was a very busy month from work point of view with hardly any travel so that cut down most of my reading time. Reviewed several books including a short story collection and read 2 novellas (including one by Matthew Reilly). Also, completed another of the Hitchcock series books; now 2 more to finish off, which should happen in Jan-Mar.  

A count of 24 for December and with this the year comes to an end with a total count of 294 for the year 2013 – Novels, Novellas, Non-Fiction books and a large number of short stories, both collections and random ones.

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