Sunday, December 01, 2013

November Reading

Last month, I started up Asimov's collection of 17 short stories titled "Earth is Room Enough" and ended up reading half of them. This month, the remaining half got completed. It has been a delight to read.

The month was otherwise a very busy month and I was not keeping well either so that is again reflected in the lowest reading score of this year (and probably lowest in past couple of years).

I managed to read only 2 novels and 9 short stories clocking in a score of 11 for this month.


1        Novel: The Mayan Codex by Mario Reading

2        Asimov Shorts: Satisfaction Guaranteed by Isaac Asimov

3        Asimov Shorts: Hell-Fire by Isaac Asimov

4        Asimov Shorts: The Last Trump by Isaac Asimov

5        Asimov Shorts: The Fun They Had by Isaac Asimov

6        Novel: The Himalayan Revelation by Pankaj Misra

7        Asimov Shorts: Jokester by Isaac Asimov

8        Asimov Shorts: The Immortal bard by Isaac Asimov

9        Asimov Shorts: Someday by Isaac Asimov

10    Asimov Shorts: the Author's Ordeal by Isaac Asimov

11    Asimov Shorts: Dreaming is a Private Thing by Isaac Asimov

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