Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Different Mahabharata …


A Mahabharata where the characters are mere humans and not sons-of-gods, where the ideologies of various characters are different from what we have read (in school and in books) and seen (B R Chopra's Mega TV serial), where the story is not about 5 brothers fighting for their 'right' but about a country ravaged by caste system, where the story takes different turns (from what we have known) and the cause-effect relationship are different.
This is definitely a very different Mahabharata. Anand Neelakantan's 'Ajaya' is a different Mahabharata to read and absorb … and I am finding it pretty refreshing.

I have read through only 40% of book and I am already impressed.

Anyone thinking about reading it … leave the impressions of the existing Mahabharata in your head aside and read this book unprejudiced and with a neutral mind.

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