Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Treasure of Kafur - Aroon Raman's next

 Very recently, I have posted about an impending book release by an author whose last book I read earlier this year. Well, as luck would have it, here is another author I read earlier this year and now his next book is ready for release.

I read the 'Shadow Throne' by Aroon Raman about a year ago (Read my review here) and now the author comes out with his next. I had liked Shadow Throne and the blurb for this next book also sounds interesting.

The Treasure of Kafur by Aroon Raman is planned for release next month around December 15th ... and I just hope I get it in time to review it before the end of the year :)
The book cover has been released and here it is for you ... You can of course visit the author's website or his FB page


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