Sunday, November 03, 2013

October Reading

Last month, I completed a collection of Philip K Dick stories and rather than picking up another one of his, I picked up Asimov this month. Started a collection of 17 short stories by Asimov titled "Earth is Room Enough" and ended up reading half. I had to struggle with myself to not complete the other half within the month itself. This is the first time I am reading Asimov short stories (consciously. I might have read an Asimov short story randomly or as part of some collection or magazine). The stories have a certain element of intellectual debate or paradox in them.

This month was a busy month on work front and for almost a week, I practically did not read anything much (which is like 25% of the time of a month). This took a toll on my reading but I still managed to read 3 novels  

I got a short story collection to review and along with the Asimov stories that I read and the ones from Alfred Hitchcock series together put together a nice total of 28 for the month.

So here is the list of novels and short stories that I read in October 2013

1              Novel: India was One by An Indian (Anonymous)

2              Asimov Shorts: The Dead Past by Isaac Asimov

3              Asimov Shorts: The Foundation of SF Success by Isaac Asimov

4              Asimov Shorts: Franchise by Isaac Asimov

5              Asimov Shorts: Gimmicks Three by Isaac Asimov

6              Asimov Shorts: Kid Stuff by Isaac Asimov

7              Asimov Shorts: The Watery Place by Isaac Asimov

8              Asimov Shorts: Living Space by Isaac Asimov

9              Asimov Shorts: The Message by Isaac Asimov

10          Novel: Arjuna - Saga of a Pandava Warrior-Prince by Anuja Chandramouli

11          3I short - The Mystery of the Slipped Disk by Mark Zahn

12          3I short - The Case of the Sour Salesman by Mark Zahn

13          Hitchcock – The Shadow of Silence: The Creator of the Spud Moran by John Lutz

14          Hitchcock – The Shadow of Silence: See and Tell by Mary Linn Roby

15          Hitchcock – Most Wanted: An American Visit by F M Maupin

16          Novel: The Baramulla Bomber by Suraj 'Clark' Prasad

17-28 The Disappearance of Tejas Sharma & other hauntings by Manish Mahajan (Short Story Collection of 12 stories)


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